Ways to Give

You may not know that parent tuition does not cover the full cost of the high quality service that we provide at Palcare.  Fundraising must fill in the gap in order to provide educational materials, special projects funds, and equipment needed each year.  Palcare actively seeks donations and grants funds from Corporations and Foundations. Sometimes parent assistance is critical to securing a contribution from a parent’s employer.  The Parent Advisory Committee plans fundraising activities each year that are often fun as well as income generating!  We hope you will support these efforts.

Charitable Giving
One very special way that you can support the efforts of the Palcare Community is through the gift of real money. You may think, “Oh, I pay lots of tuition. That’s the best I can do.”  If that is your situation, we wouldn’t want to request any further imposition.  However, if you donate to environmental groups or religious organizations or any other non-profit, consider earmarking a portion of your charitable giving to Palcare.  Any donation is 100% tax deductible and we will provide a receipt upon request for your tax records.

Do you donate to the United Way at your place of employment?  Did you know that your donation can come directly to Palcare?  You can designate us under the donor option section and include our special United Way Donor Option Number #3806.

Anyone who works with children in education and/or child care knows that fundraising and parent tuition continues to put the financial burden of raising children on families. This philosophy denies the heavy financial drain on families in this increasingly difficult economy. In order to make real changes in programs that serve young children, the total community will need to reassess their spending and focus on early intervention including child care and education.

But Kids Don’t Vote
So we have to be their voice.  It’s our responsibility to see that legislators enact legislation that supports families and children: Progressive taxation, parks, schools, child care, health care, and other things that enhance the quality of children’s lives.  You can make a difference.  We have the information that can help make you an educated voter.  We can be partners in advocating for children.

When planning your estate or the estate of a parent, consider leaving a bequest in the name of Palcare, Inc. Money allocated in this way may help defray the tax liability for your surviving family.  As when considering any tax-deductible contribution, talk to your financial advisor.

For any questions about giving and supporting Palcare, please contact our Executive Director, Lisa Kiesselbach.