TODDLERS - Toddler Staff

Personal qualities critical to the education of toddlers are patience, a highly developed sense of humor, a commitment to children’s healthy development and a respect for the children’s desire to “do it themselves.” The Toddler staff has these special qualities and together they have a formidable knowledge and experience of toddler development. They use a team approach, planning children’s experiences together. Each child has a Home Base Teacher to help them adjust to the Toddler Program, to turn to during the day for special support, laughs and hugs. For parents, this teacher will be the person for communicating about daily experiences, routines and concerns.

We use a consistent approach that feels safe and familiar to the children. For example, teachers speak to the children in a normal adult voice, gently and clearly, getting down to children’s eye level whenever possible. They let a child know what to expect, before it happens. For example, a teacher may say, “It’s almost time to clean up before snack,” giving the two-year -old a chance to mentally disengage from what they are doing. Later they will say, “Now it is time to clean up,” and engage the child’s cooperation. The Toddler Lead Teachers provide overall guidance and planning for the program.