TODDLERS - Toddler Activities

Toddlers have many emerging abilities; language, greater control of the body to run, jump and climb, greater fine motor skills, sensory discrimination and social skills. These are nurtured through Activity Centers, projects, and special materials. Children have choices of what to do, but not so many as to be overwhelming. Activities are offered in such a way as to put most emphasis on “doing,” with a 3-8 children working in an area at a time. Projects are often open-ended, without a specific final product in mind. Some examples: finger-painting with two colors, pouring and measuring at the water table, singing and acting out a nursery song, making a fruit salad, talking about animals we know personally. During Circle Time the children learn songs, fingerplays and group games together. Toilet learning is a part of the curriculum of the Toddler Program. The staff approaches it in a relaxed, easy going fashion, with lots of communication with each family about readiness, etc.