PRE-SCHOOL - Pre-school Schedule

Children experience several special periods during their day, no matter what their schedule.

Circle Time, the children come together in a small group to hear what is planned for the day, to share stories, read a story, sing songs, create music or dance.

Work Time, when the various learning centers around the classroom are available to the children to work alone or in small groups. Teachers station themselves around the room to help children find the materials they need to accomplish their goals, to help them negotiate with other children during play and to surprise the children with ideas they may not have considered. The learning centers include the library, dramatic play, art and construction, computer, blocks, manipulatives and puzzles, science and natural history, language and music.

Small Group Time, when teachers invite a small group of children to work together on a small project or discovery for 30 to 45 minutes in the morning and afternoon. For example, you might find a group of children and their teacher measuring the heights of the bean seedlings planted several weeks before, making collages of objects found on a walk, or writing and acting out a fairy tale.

Menagerie, when the care, handling and feeding of small animals and plants is part of daily life.

Outside Play, several times during the day for really active play.