PRE-SCHOOL - Pre-school FAQs

Must my child be potty trained before he starts in a PreSchool room? If not, is there an extra charge?
No and no. If a child is ready for Preschool in every other way, he or she can join the Dolphins, before toilet training is complete. Our experience is that very soon, with the help of teachers, and the example of other children, a child will decide to start using the toilet. We will keep you informed as to how it is going and may make suggestions from time to time.

How will I know if my child is learning?
Parents attend Preschool Orientation to meet the Lead Teacher, explore the classroom and hear about the daily routine and curriculum. To follow each child’s progress and place emphasis where it is needed, teachers perform a preschool developmental assessment ( Desired Results Developmental Profile) that will be shared with parents at conference time. A periodic “Classroom Letter” keeps parents informed of the children’s activities and accomplishments. At parent conferences, teachers and parents share information that helps both to understand each child’s learning style, strengths and challenges. We also welcome parents to participate in the classrooms! And we hold two Preschool Parent /Staff Meetings each year to showcase the children’s work and to advise you about Pre-Kindergarten issues.

What about meals?
Palcare provides nutritious morning snacks, lunches and afternoon snacks. All eating is done family style, sitting at tables together. Children learn to serve and pass, to say please and thank you, and to clean up. Children staying into the evening have dinner together (provided by each family) and an evening snack.