PRE-SCHOOL - Pre-school Curriculum

Each child will…

  • Form a warm, satisfying friendship with one or more teachers, and one or more children, at school.
  • Develop a love of learning, a belief that he or she has good ideas, and an ability to focus on a project until it is completed.
  • Use language and the visual arts to freely and flexibly communicate his or her thoughts and feelings.
  • Achieve a strong foundation for reading and writing.
  • Acquire a foundation in the key cognitive skills which lead to mathematical and logical thought: representation, number, classification, seriation, time, and spacial relations.
  • Begin to learn the arts of listening, empathy, cooperative play, conflict resolution and negotiation.
  • Master the gross motor, fine motor and self-help skills needed for success in Pre Kindergarten, and for physical, social and intellectual health and well-being.
  • Develop a positive sense of cultural identity and respect for the cultures and traditions of others.