PROGRAMS - Pre-school

When a child reaches 3 years of age, he or she begins learning in new ways. A child needs a bigger world with greater intellectual, social and physical challenges. He or she develops greater mastery of language and begins to think symbolically and logically. The Preschool Room is introduces new activities and learning materials that test children’s emerging abilities in a stimulating way. Our approach emphasizes language and literacy, early math, social relations and problem solving, science, art and music – all in the context of a warm classroom community.

During the year before children go to kindergarten, their awareness of the world around them seems to blossom.

Children choose from learning centers such as the writing center, math and manipulatives, block building, science and nature, art and construction, reading, dramatic play, etc. Children learn great deal from taking on the responsibility of keeping the classroom organized and beautiful. Outdoors the Preschool Play Yard offers an exciting climbing structure, with features of graduated difficulty, as well as wheel toys, balance beam, play houses, group games, etc. to develop the children’s physical skills and coordination.

Our curriculum includes a balance of teacher–directed and child-initiated activities. Our low ratio of teachers to children (1 to 8) enables teachers to form close relationships with children, plan exciting activities, and truly support their learning.

Our curriculum and our faculty meet the quality guidelines and standards of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, the California Department of Educationand the Early Childhood Environmental Rating scale.