When do children enter the Pre Kindergarten Program?
Children join Palcare’s Pre Kindergarten if they will turn four by December 2nd of that year.

What if my child has a late birthday and I am not sure I will want to send them next year?
Some young children, especially those with birthdays in September, October or December, may benefit from having two years of Pre K. The Pre Kindergarten teachers help parents with this decision by sharing their assessment of each child’s learning, self-confidence and development midway through the year. The gift of a little more time may increase a young child’s confidence and readiness immeasurably! Learning and development is not a race but a complex, rich process.!

How will I know if my child is learning?
To follow each child’s progress, and place emphasis where it is needed, teachers perform a pre kindergarten developmental assessment ( Desired Results Developmental Profile) for each child in the Fall and again in the Spring. A periodic Pre K Newsletter keeps parents informed of the children’s projects and accomplishments. At parent conferences, teachers and parents share information that helps both to understand each child’s learning style, strengths and challenges. We also welcome parents to participate in the classrooms! And we hold two parent meetings to introduce you to Pre K and to advise you about Kindergarten readiness issues.

Isn’t this a child care center? Shouldn’t I be sending my child to a Preschool?
Palcare is a school, which also provides early care and hours that help parents work! First we are an educational institution with a mission to provide the best and most up-to-date in early childhood education. Our dedicated Pre Kindergarten Lead teachers have the education to teach Kindergarten, but prefer to work with this vital, fascinating age just before Kindergarten. With their preparation, Palcare children have gone on to attend the best public and private schools the Bay area has to offer.