Teach respect for oneself, our peers, our elders and our materials and environment.

Set up and guide children in activities that require cooperation, turn-taking and teamwork such as projects, experiments, and group games.

Promote children’s creativity, imagination and problem-solving abilities through projects, art materials, music, literature, etc.

Develop children’s self-confidence by…

  • offering appropriately challenging activities, materials and experiences
  • encouraging children to construct curriculum with teachers
  • providing time for repetition and practice, giving each child personal attention.

Enhance children’s ability to communicate by presenting many occasions for…

  • talking about meaningful experiences
  • representing ideas through drawing, construction, dictation, writing and play.
  • Reading and discussing books and their own stories

Help children learn to follow multi-step directions and handle transitions by…

  • having realistic, consistent expectations
  • using humor
  • offering many opportunities to “try again.”
  • Develop children’s ability to choose, focus on and complete tasks.