PROGRAMS - Pre-Kindergarten

Blue Whale & Stingray Rooms
More than ever, a great preschool education is crucial to ensure children are ready and eager for Kindergarten. Palcare’s Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) program is carefully designed to focus 4-year olds’ enthusiasm for learning! The Pre-K Program offers a full-day or part-day curriculum that prepares each child to be successful in Kindergarten, whether he or she will be attending a public or a private elementary school.

Our approach includes daily experiences in language, literacy, mathematics, natural science, music and art. Our group size of 18 children, with three credentialed, experienced Pre-K teachers, plus an Assistant Teacher for each group, ensures that the children will receive individual attention and support for their learning. Everything we plan and do with the children is intended to help them build a strong, solid foundation and a love of learning.

During the year before children go to kindergarten, their awareness of the world around them seems to blossom. Each child will participate in the “Book Bag Program,” a wonderful literacy-building experience!

Our curriculum and our faculty meet the new quality guidelines and standards of Preschool for All, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the California Department of Education.