INFANTS - Infant Primary Caregiving

To offer a sense of security and continuity to infants and their parents, Palcare assigns one caregiver to be the primary person for each child and their family. This person will help the infant adjust to the Center, carryout his or her caregiving routines, and communicate with the infant’s family. The Infant Staff also work as a team, so that in the event that the infant’s caregiver is not present, the other team members are well known to the infant as well.

Caregivers speak to infants in a normal voice, gently and clearly, getting down to their eye level whenever possible. They let an infant know what to expect, before it happens. For example, a caregiver will catch a child’s attention and say “I’m going to pick you up now,” then show the infant her outstretched arms, before picking the infant up. Caregivers spend time playing with and talking to infants, during and in between caregiving routines. We urge parents to share their thoughts, appreciation, and concerns with their primary caregiver, Lead Teacher or other members of the caregiving team. It’s a partnership!

When a child moves from a Tidepools room to the older infant Jellyfish or Sea Stars rooms, their primary caregiver will likely move with him or her. This continuity of care, for almost 2 years, has many benefits for infants and families.