PROGRAMS - Family Style Lunch and Snacks

Palcare nurtures healthy habits that build strong minds and bodies.

We believe meal times should be relaxed, a place to share ideas and conversation with children without outside commercial influences. Good nutrition is valued, and our daily morning and afternoon snacks and lunches include fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat and healthy bakery items.

Our program strives to provide valuable lessons for healthy eating and socialization.  Children participate each day by setting the tables and participating in a family style dining. These meals provide an opportunity to teach healthy nutrition, socialization, and encourage a pleasant eating environment. This helps give children the opportunity to enhance lifetime skills, such as motor skills, language development, social skills, table manners, and independence. It also allows children to identify, and be introduced to new foods, new tastes, and new menus, while developing a positive attitude toward nutritious foods. Consistently practiced, healthy family style dining results in children developing healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.