ENROLLMENT - Tours and Wait List


Palcare is only offering virtual tours. Parents can register for a virtual tour by contacting the appropriate Enrollment Director for the child’s age at desired start date: Lauren Haas for children 0 – 10 months old ([email protected]) or Tina Hardley for children age 10 months – 5 years old ([email protected]).

Wait List

We enroll children throughout the year as openings become available, with the majority of openings available in late June through September. They are filled first with currently enrolled students transitioning to the next class level Program.  Families employed by San Francisco International Airport (SFO) or the County of San Mateo receive priority enrollment and the wait list fee is waived, as those employers provide funding for our Programs.  When there are more openings available, they will be filled by Community families from our wait list.  The wait time is dependent on a child’s age and classroom availability. 

SFO families apply for enrollment by providing a photocopy of their SFO badge and Wait List Form.  SFO families seeking tuition assistance must also submit a SFO Tuition Assistance Application at the same time.

Community families (those not employed by SFO) apply for enrollment by submitting a Wait List Form. There is a non-refundable wait list fee of $100 for one child, $150 for two children. Families seeking tuition assistance must also submit a Subsidized Tuition Application at the same time.

We are sorry we are not able to contact each family personally with status information about the Wait List.  We appreciate your patience.  The Enrollment Director will contact you as soon as there is a space open that matches your family’s scheduling needs. Please be sure to keep us updated if you have moved, or your needs have changed. You can give this information to any of our receptionists over the phone at (650) 340-1289 ext 0, or email [email protected]