ENROLLMENT - Financial Aid

Palcare families with a need for financial scholarship or subsidy support because of economic hardship may qualify for one of the two programs listed below.

California Department of Education – Child Development Division Subsidy Program

Families wanting to qualify for this State-funded program must register and qualify for care based on need and income. Please fill out and submit the Subsidized Tuition Application form, which should accompany the Wait List Application.

Proof of income and need are required upon enrollment.

This program is designed for parents who are:

  • Employed but meet the income criteria
  • Seeking employment
  • Participating in Vocational Training
  • Incapacitated; unable to care for children
  • Homeless

SFO Employees –Tuition Assistance

Palcare has a tuition assistance program for employees that work at SFO.  Please click on the SFO Tuition Assistance Application form, which should accompany the Wait List Application.  Families qualify based on their income and employment at SFO.  A copy of your SFO badge is required when the Wait List Application is submitted.

Proof of income is required at time of enrollment to qualify.

  • Tuition assistance is based on income
  • Families receive priority enrollment
  • Wait List fees and registration fees are paid by SFO
  • Palcare offers extend hours Monday – Friday, 6:00 am – 11:00 pm, and Saturday 7:00 am – 11:00 pm to accommodate non-traditional work schedules of SFO employees.

Contact our Enrollment Director at [email protected] for further information.