ABOUT US - Philopsophy

Palcareā€™s philosophy comes from our image of the child and the family.

A child is a unique, creative, competent, intensely curious being, who is constantly discovering how the world works through investigation, imagination and experimentation. We believe a young child cannot thrive and learn unless he or she feels safe, loved, and respected by the adults who care for him. We believe our job, as early childhood educators and caregivers, is to create a warm, complex environment of people and experiences in which children, these philosophers, scientists, and poets in the making, will thrive in the fullest possible way while their parents work.

We believe the family is the source of security and meaning for a child. We want Palcare to be a helpful support to families, through convenient hours, excellent care, and good communication. We know that a school is an institution, yet we believe it is our job to create a non-institutional environment, or a community of friends (children, parents and teachers) who know and care about one another.