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Employment Opportunities and Staff Qualifications
Working with children can be a tremendously rewarding career and it takes a very special person to do it well.

The Staff at Palcare exceeds all recommended requirements for the child care industry and, because of this, we feel we are able to provide extra special care.

All of the staff members at Palcare participate in continuing education through college classes in Early Childhood Education (ECE). In addition, all participate in staff training here at the Center.

Teachers have a minimum of 24 units of ECE, and some experience working in the classroom. Lead Teachers generally have at least an Associates Degree in ECE and many have Bachelor Degrees in ECE or Child Development. Our teaching staff is proud to be affiliated with the Communications Workers of America.

The classroom staff is supported by an administrative team that is not only highly educated, but also quite experienced, having operated many different types of programs from infancy through the School-age years.
Would You Like To Work At Palcare?

For more information about current job opportunities at Palcare, please contact Alison alison@palcare.org.  If you have any questions, please call Palcare at (650) 340-1289.

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