Airport Families

The San Francisco International Airport is a regional transportation hub that employs a large 24/7 workforce. The Airport Commission recognizes that this workforce needs dependable, quality child care that responds to their changing and rotating work hours. The Commission has supported Palcare since the concept of a flexible, day-and-night child care center was first explored. Their ongoing partnership makes flexible scheduling and non-traditional hours possible for all Airport Families. Airport-based families have priority enrollment and maximum schedule flexibility at Palcare.

SFO provides a Tuition Assistance Program for employees that work at SFO.  Based on income, families may be eligible for assistance in paying tuition.  Families are required to provide documentation to verify their annual income and a copy of the SFO badge.  More specific information is available when you apply for child care at Palcare.

If you are an employee who’s employer is located at the San Francisco International Airport and you are interested in child care, please plan to come to one of our tours as soon as possible. Tours are on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 9am, 10am and 5pm. One of our Directors will give the tour and you will be able to ask questions about our program for Airport Families. Don't hesitate to call if you have questions before the next tour, or want to schedule a tour to accomodate your schedule.

Please complete a Enrollment Request From and be sure to include information about your employer.  The $50 wait list fee is waived for Airport Families.  You will receive priority enrollment.  If there is a space available that fits your needs, you will be enrolled as soon as possible.  If there is not a space available, your family’s name goes to the top of the list and we will contact you as soon as a space is available.

If you need more information about enrollment, please contact Tina Hardley, Enrollment Director at 650 340-1289 ext 311.

Click below for more information about tuition costs for families that work at SFO.  Each family's tuition will be different based on their income and the schedule of childcare needed. Please use this information as an estimate only. 

Click Here For Airport Tuition Assistance Program PDF